Friday, 28 December 2012

Lotus Bead Malas for Chanting

Lotus Bead Mala, the beads are taken from the Lotus flowers, usually they are inside the flower and will jump out of the flowers and becomes seed. Some call this as Lotus Seeds malas also.

Lotus beads are used as a tool for worshipping Goddess  Lakshmi, it is said that chanting the divine mantra using this beads brings multiple benefits. Maha Lakshmi Mula Mantra, Lakshmi Gayatri, Astalakshmi Mantra can be chanted. The Lotus Beas malas are in count of 108 beads which is helpful for keeping the chant count.

Usually Lotus Bead Mala are have a Hard skin outside and inside the beads have a tender fruitlike thing and is very soft also, Please keep the beads away from water and to avoid attracting ants and insects it is highly recommended to use camphor balls along with the beads.

Lotus keeps body mind and soul cool, wearing the beads makes the body cool and when the body is away from excess heat it allows the mind to be focused and when mind is concentrating on one activity there will be enormous results for the activity, be it spiritual or others`, No wonder saint’s and Learned Spiritual Scholars wear Lot of Lotus bead malas.

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