Monday, 3 December 2012

Lotus Beads Mala For Good Health And Wealth

Malas or Rosaries are amazing tools to do meditation. They have been utilized over many centuries by many people and are also by experienced practitioners of meditation. These meditation malas support in building right mind set and meditation mood. Rosary supports in improving concentration, whichever drifting mind on one point. The Lotus beads mala are enthused in rhythm with the mantra and breathe. Meditation aids both sleepy also excessively disturbed mental frames to be managed in meditation. Regular usage of Lotus bead mala with personal mantra generates positive vibrations.

Lotus bead mala contains oval shape lotus beads, which have soft matte brown color. These beads are renowned for their cool effects. Lotus is considered to decrease pitta imbalances. Mantra besought on lotus mala abounds in mystical wealth. Lotus beads mala generates revitalizing effects in wearer. It is known great for 1st chakra problems. Lotus beads mala supports in improving concentration and speech. People, who have problem of pitta, must wear lotus beads mala. 

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