Monday, 3 December 2012

Story Of Shivling

Shivling is also called as Shivalingam. It is godly structure, which has been understood by various scholars in various ways, and every one of them has their own defenses for their theory. Shivling is an oval and rounded structure found in almost each Hindu family. Worshipping Shivling is one of the very prevalent praying rituals among Hindus. In this ceremony they pour water over linga, by kalash. Few scholars say that it is a ritual of recreation of holy energy by which manifestation of any aim is possible.
The real meaning of lingam word means sign in Sanskrit language, therefore Shiv linga, means sign of Shiva however few scholars say that Shivling is linga of Shiva, which is phallus and they tell that Shivling is allotted on base that shows a yoni. Therefore in all they form creative control of universe. There have been numerous interpretations. Let’s study few essential ones –

Shivling a sign-scholars agreeing with the theory that tells shiv ling is only an abstract sign of god, which proves god can be worshipped in any type and that God is shapeless. To prove this, they point out story like ram was noticed worshipping Shivlinga in also a bunch of sand. 

As per purana, various Puranas such as linga purana, Shiva purana, etc. points Shiva linga was made because of curse of sages, which caused division and again installation of Shiva phallus on earth. 

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