Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sphatik Shree Yantra – Mixture Of Establishment, Destruction And Creation

In the Universe there are 3 states - Destruction, establishment, and creation and these are signified by the 3 circles in Shree Yantra that is the sign of the cosmos or universe. When this circle is raised it stands as a sign of Sumeru Mountain as mentioned in Puranas. It is known as ‘Meru Prastha Shree Yantra” and is the perfect of all. Sphatik Shree Yantra is worshipping location of types of super goddess, Mahatripur Sundarj. It is her holy abode. All the goddesses and gods are worshipped in it and other spiritual adorations are done here. It contains all conducts, all elements, and learning. The right person of all castes, sects, and creeds can consider in it as the auspicious priests and practitioners.

Well designed and proved by 9 chakras – 4 Shiva chakras and 5 chakras of personified goddess Shakti. Shree Chakra is manifestation of Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva. The fruit of benefit is gained after practicing duly one 100 Ashvamegha Yajnas, which can be learned just by having sight of Sphatik Shree Yantra. There are 3 forms of Yantra – Kurma Prastha, Bhuprastha, and Meru Prastha. Shree Yantra is known as Bhuprastha. Crystal Shree Yantra is auspicious and best for householder. 

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