Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tiger Eye Gemstone Mala – The Healing Gemstone Mala

Tiger Eye gemstone mala comes in red, white grey or wooden color. It is very famous in Africa and it is available in huge amount. The gemstone exactly looks like ‘eye of a tiger’. The gemstone is every effective in keeping stomach disorder under reasonable check. It also removes tensions. It offers additional energies and great stamina. Wearing tiger eye gemstone mala is very beneficial as it gives wearer considerable drive and initiative, without this person can’t easily make a mark in this big world.

It is suggested and a fortunate gemstone for those having their birth numbers in between 2 or 7. Wearing this gemstone mala is very helpful to children who are facing insomnia problem or those children who are not able to concentrate on their studies. People who have Saturn in their natal charts or have digestive concerns or tensions must wear Tiger Eye gemstone mala. It also makes people strong to take decisions.  You can make Tiger Eye gemstone active by chanting Ketu Mantra. It boosts lot of confidence in people to achieve their goals. 

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