Monday, 10 December 2012

Various Techniques Of Identifying Genuine Rudraksha

As the time moderating now as an individual saw that anything is becoming famous, they begin making replicas of it. Even in case the people have not left making replica of animals and human similar way fake Rudraksha is also available in market.

Nowadays, Rudraksha look to come in all sizes and shapes, and available at every small shop, even a host of online shops. However, make sure you get genuine one. Imitation Rudraksha look real but it doesn’t work. Here is how to recognize a real Rudraksha bead. Artificial Rudraksha is frequently made from the huge berry nuts or seeds. However these berries can’t be made as genuine as the ones, which are in the real ones and so simply be noticed by an experienced eye. Here, the facet means deep lining running by the diameter of Rudraksha seeds. Looking at these deep-linings facets one can identify true Rudraksha.

Following are some of the techniques of identification of fake Rudraksha –
  • Water Test-

Sometimes, scarce Rudraksha beads such as Trijuti or Gaurishankar Rudraksha made by sticking three or two Rudraksha with glue. In case, you have Gaurishankar Rudraksha or Trijuti then to examine it, place it in boiling water for 20 to 30 minutes. If Rudraksha is fake then joint Rudraksha will get separated.
  • Cut Test-

The trustworthiest test is to cut the Rudraksha bead. If you will cut the Rudraksha, you will find similar number of sections as number of lines. But, drawback is your bead gets destroyed.
  • Copper Coin Test –

It is a much known belief that when you place Rudraksha bead in between 2 copper coins, it starts rotating. This thing happens because of magnetic and physical properties of Rudraksha seeds. This test needs a high level expertise and buyer usually purchases the seed, which rotates on right side. 

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