Friday, 7 December 2012

Medical And Scientific Facts Of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is wrapped by a blue outer shell on seasoning therefore it is also known as blueberry bead. Percentage compositions of gaseous elements are available in Rudraksha was decided by C-H-N Analyser and by Gas chromatography. Rudraksha beads comprise 50.031% carbon, 30.53% oxygen, 17.897%, and 0.95% nitrogen. The flavonoids and alkaloids are available in extracts of Rudraksha.

Scientific And Medical Facts –
Electrical properties – Rudraksha holds capability to send out indirect electrical instincts and Inductive vibrations and perform as Dielectric as in capacitor to preserve electrical energy. Our Human body contains Autonomous, The Central Nervous system; Para sympathetic Nervous system and different Organ systems in to could be believed a huge Bio Electronic circuit.
The human body is a huge bio electronic circuit made of Central Nervous System and the functions and organs it controls. Reorganized blood flow has a strong rejuvenating effect on this circuit and offers to avoid stress-oriented diseases reasoned by harming impacts of excess energy on neurotransmitters and neurons. In core, Rudraksha beads support to bring about the famous ‘relaxation response’ that is the final aim of yoga, meditation, biofeedback, tai chi, and uncountable other substitute medicine methodologies.

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