Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sphatik Shiv Lingam Pendant

Sphatik Shiv Lingam pendant is 1000s of years old sign of family and couples, also of the origin of each individual. The egg signifies nourishment, protection, and new starts in life, whether spiritual, emotional and physical. Shiv Lingam is also a descriptive of female and male energies within every person. They are also known as Sphatik crystals. It is considered that Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva live in these gemstones. Their energy synchronizes the female and male energies in wearer, aura, and balance. There are times when it is important to be cultivation, the female energy. There are some times when it is important to be secure, the male energy. In case one is very secure, she or he becomes unfeeling and cold. In case one is nurturing, she or he loses the sense of self-value and is taken benefit of or even used by others.

To get balance in 2 is important for strength, love, ultimately happiness, and self-esteem. Crystals are frits of Crown Chakra. It is the connection to Deity or Universe, the place where devotees are sent, answered, and formed. The small still voice in lives in crown chakra. Clear stones include all colors of light, and it will imitate rainbows when light cross them. They are sign of purity and clarity in heart and mind.

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