Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How To Do Budhavar Vrat?

Wednesday or Budhavar is usually devoted to the Mercury or Budha planet, Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. People who believe in Astrology propitiate Mercury are more generous and compassionate and support in worldly detections and blesses with insight. In few regions, Lord Shiva is worshipped on Wednesday. Also in some regions people worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesday. In Maharashtra, Wednesday is highly dedicated to Lord Vithal. It is considered that fasting and worshipping on Wednesday endorses happiness and peace in life and supports to have happy married life.

People who perform Budhavar Vrat appease Mercury or Buddha. Budha is considered to have strong intellect and is capable in all sciences. People worship him for education, commerce, success in business, and good intelligence. Budhwar Vrat is performed for 24 hours and people who are performing this fast on Wednesday take only one meal in afternoon. To have happy married life couples also perform this fast together. Green is a color of Wednesday. On Wednesday people should wear green color clothes. On Wednesday, people who observe vrat listen Budhvar vrat katha before doing puja in evening. As a Prasad people make green color dal. Red and black color flowers are served to him. In some parts people offer curd and ghee. They also offer grapes as a Prasad. 

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