Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dakshinavarti Shankh – Sign Of Glory And Prosperity

Dakshinavarti Shankh is called as Valampuri Sanggu or Sri Lakshmi Shankh in Tamil. It is a divine Hindu object, in English it is called as conch shell. It is a shell of huge sea snail found in Indian Ocean however has scarce inverted turning spiral. In other words, it is held with spout directed up side, this conch’s spiral twists on right side, usually most of conch shells look twisted towards left side. 

Lot of conch shells open from left side, i.e., these conch shells is concreted anti-clockwise. In opposite, these conch shells open from right side, i.e., concreted clockwise, are scarce, however very fortunate to keep in home. These are costly conch shells but very effective. It is considered that Goddess Lakshmi stays permanently in white conch shells, which open from right side. Both, right side conch shell and Goddess Lakshmi have their origination in sea and are considered to have common father. A right side conch shell is known as Goddess Lakshmi’s younger brother. The majesty of right side conch shell has been mentioned in Hindu scriptures.

There is belief that whoever owns right-sided conch shells pair shall always hold high positions and be fruitful in whatever he does in his life. Failure and misery stays away. Methodical offering and daily reverence of prayers to it must bring fulfillment and success. When person places it in shop, it boosts success in business. At home, it appeals happiness and wealth. If you place it with food grains, it endorses prosperity. It is really a sign of prosperity and glory. 

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