Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Mala – Gives Strength To Face Bad Time

The Tiger’s eye gemstone mala is most famous gemstone mala. It is a stone of safety, which is also very grounding. It raises willpower, integrity, right use of power, and practicality. This gemstone raises good luck and carries prosperity, frequently in type of money. Tiger-eye gemstone mala is also very securing stone that is majorly defensive during travel. It can also support one see clearly without delusion. Tiger’s eye gemstone carries an exclusive boost to solar plexus chakra and to one’s personal power. In gem lore, this gemstone is considered to increase confidence, focus the mind and allow the user to see clearly without delusion. Maybe due to that Tiger’s eye is favorite stone of great Dalai Lama.

Tiger’s eye gemstone mala contains total 108+1; mala is made in old traditional style with knots in between beads. In case you are going through difficult time period the tiger’s eye stone mala can aid you to persist with courage. If you will do meditation with tiger’s eye gemstone mala then it will stimulate the power needed to move forward at dark moments. 

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