Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thursday Vrat – Day Of Guru Brihaspati Dev

Thursday fast is followed majorly to remove hindrances of married life. Guru Brihaspati dev is the Karaka of money. Though, worshipping Lakshmi Goddess on Thursday enforces money condition of an individual. People who have Jupiter at weak condition in their Kundali should follow this fast. Worshiping Brihaspti offers numerous forms of fruits. Whereas while worshiping to Dev Brihaspati on Thursday, keep in mind to perform the puja in a well manner. This vrat fulfills worshipper’s all wishes. This fast is also followed for early marriage. Person doing this fast must prepare himself or herself a day before the fast day. On fasting day, an individual must get up early in morning and worship Brihaspati Dev. Yellow color item should be used for this puja, gram dal, yellow flowers, yellow rice, and yellow sweet etc. In case an individual follows this fast for acquiring cash, then he must worship Dev Brihaspati with yellow colored items.

On fasting day, Lord Jupiter must be done with saffron mixed milk. Brihaspati Dev is also known as a Lord of Education, though Jupiter must be worshipped constantly and served water. This gratifies person and Lord’s wishes are satisfied. Also, to get happiness in married life, Thursday fast must be followed and yellow color sweets must be served to Lord. 

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