Saturday, 1 December 2012

How To Worship Crystal Ganesha?

Crystal Ganesha grabs the light and releases awesome rainbows. It is a sign of radiant white light energy. Crystal Ganesha’s power lies in its entire structure reaching towards light form depths of earth. The Sphatik performs as a catalyst, an energy conductor. It is a both transmitter and receiver. Sphatik attune themselves mechanically to human liberations due to their connection with human spirits writing spiritual links when they own held or worn. Sphatik secures you from outer side bad vibrations.

How To Worship Crystal Ganesha?
  • Set all the elements of blessings after having bath in early morning with pure soul and mind.
  • Gangajal water, Panch Amrit (honey, Sugar, Curd, and Ghee) must be served to yantra.
  •  Chandan or sandalwood paste should be served to yantra.
  •  The Sadhak should remember specific Ishat while practicing the puja. One must take flowers in both the hands and serve the yantra while reciting Beeja mantra.
  • White flowers or unbroken rice must be served.
  • Diyas and incense sticks or lamp should be lit with chanting of right mantra.
  •  Betel leaves, betel, and fruits should be offered. 

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