Friday, 30 November 2012

Tulsi Mala – The Sacred And Ritual Rosary

Majority of Hindu people grow Tulsi plant at their homes that is symbolic of good health, sacredness, and purity. Few households also have more than dozens of Tulsi plants in their garden. Along with this, people also create small forests that are known as ‘Tulsi-Vrindavans.’

Tulsi leaves garland is also the 1st offering as daily ritual’s part in Hinduism that is called as ‘Tulsi Naivedhya. There is belief that without Tulsi, the offering or puja is not complete.

Tulsi mala is a garland, which is made of Tulsi. It is a belief that wearing Tulsi mala on regular basis increases devotion, inner peace, selfless love, purity and all holy virtues, which lead a genuine devotee to her or his highest spiritual aim.

According to Hindu mythology, God Vishnu likes Tulsi. Ceremonially it is married to Lord Vishnu on every year on 11th bright day of Karthika month as per lunar calendar. For almost 5 days the festival continues and ends on full moon day. In the celebration of this festival, couple without daughter acts as a bride’s parents perform this ceremony at a temple. This year, festival comes on 24th November 2012. 

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