Monday, 26 November 2012

Crystal Ganesha For Good Luck And Life

Lord Ganesha - the 2nd son of Parvati and Lord Shiva is most favourite and worshipped God of Indian people. He is known as a God of growth, learning, prosperity, and God of obstacles - though he is known as a Vighnaraja. People believe that Ganesha listens everybody's problem and removes it from their life. Before worshipping any other God, people first worship Lord Ganesha. Having Ganesha idol is always a prosperous thing but having crystal Ganesh much powerful thing. The advantages of having crystal Ganesha are even mentioned in old scriptures. Garuda Purana Ch.69: The capable semen of vala shifted in the quartz seeds, also called as Bhisma stones. These seeds originally found in Himalayas and northern lands. These crystals are generally colorless and transparent, and are often so sharp that they are inaccurate for diamonds. 

Anybody respectfully having a genuine quartz crystal set in gold will get good luck in his or her life, and be secure from threatened animals like wolves, tigers, lions, elephants, and leopards. Real quartz is also an amulet offering the wearer additional sexual strength. Wearing quartz during offering libations to departed ancestors confirms them lasting prosperity. It is also a talisman opposite burning, theft, and drowning. These attributes belong to real flawless quartz, and informed gemologists suggestion, which flawed varieties, which are discolored or fractured must be entirely prevented. 

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