Thursday, 29 November 2012

Crystal Shivling - God Shaped In Sphatik

Sphatik is a primary tool of intensive healing, it amplifies energy by removing negativity. Sphatik balls and eggs are very powerful tools for luck telling whereas Sphatik mala brings speedy recovery from misery and pain. It secures from negativity and evil eyes. God has shaped Sphatiks in the form of Ganesha, Lakshmi, Shiva, and Buddha and many other forms of deity, which are very much scared and effective as compared to usual crystals. 

Sphatik Shivling attracts the light and reflects amazing rainbows. It is a sign of vivid white light energy. Shivling's power lies in its structure going towards light type depth of earth. Sphatik performs as a catalyst, energy conductor. It is a both transmitter and receiver. Sphatik arrange themselves mechanically to human liberations as their relation with human spirits writing spiritual links  while they once held or worn. Sphatik secures you from outer side bad vibrations. 

The Sphatik is itself a enforcing section of energy and light that can be utilized as sonic security against negativity. Sphatik Shivling is available in various sizes from small to big, people carry it or wear it. The path of ions by molecular structure makes them worthy help in neutralizing and clearing bad conditions in all ages people aura. It could be utilized to clean the environment of huge area - work place or home also.  Sphatik Shivling can become your person body healer also transformer and tranquilizer for spirit. It supports our insight power to see light in darkness. 

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