Thursday, 22 November 2012

How To Recharge Your Gemstones

Today we are going to show you how to recharge your gemstones. We have sectioned it into Rain Water, Earth, Sun & Full Moon and Waterfalls & Oceans. Lets see them one by one:

Rain Water:
During rainstorms, place the gemstones directly under it. Let them rest on grass for couple of hours or even overnight is suitable. By doing so, it not only recharges you gemstones but also cleanses it. Use this method only if you have loose gemstones. If you use gemstone adorned with jewelry then there are chances that rainwater will corrode the clasps or threads or strings.

Bury the gemstones in ground. This is also another good way to recharge or cleanse the gemstone. Let them rest for 24 hours and make sure you mark the buried spot very well before doing so.

Sun & Full Moon:
Sun and Moon energizes, clears and completely revitalizes your natural gemstones. You can place gemstones outside or near a window that has the longest brightness exposure for around 24 hours. But be careful that with the full sun exposure there are certain gemstones that fade such as Opal, Celestite, Turquoise and Amethyst. Avoid the Sun & Full Moon method for the above-mentioned gemstones.

Waterfalls & Oceans:
This is another powerful method for restoring your gemstones energy and even cleansing them. In order to rejuvenate gemstones, place them under a natural watercourse that comes from waterfall, creek, stream or ocean. Let the gemstones rest for 20 minutes there. However, take all security measures to keep them safe. Don’t use gemstones with jewelry. 

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