Monday, 26 November 2012

Difference Between 108 And 109 Rudraksha Beads Mala

There are many spiritual elements, which represents the presence of great Shiva and Rudraksha is one the holiest form of shiva. The mala made of pure and divine Rudraksha bead is famous as Rudraksha mala. Rosary is like wearing object or necklace to read out mantra or Jap. Rudraksha mala is distinct from other usual bead malas. Rudraksha is very aspect of Lord Shiva, it is most favorite thing of Lord Shiva. Even in Shiva temple, people offer Rudraksha to lord Shiva's shivling. Sometimes, people offer Rudraksha to lord Shiva to make him happy. 

Ideal Rudraksha mala comprises around 108 Rudraksha mala of same size Rudraksha beads. Mala of 108 beads is renowned as a complete mala. Therefore, while taking Rudraksha beads mala, don't miss to count each and every bead correctly. We must just get complete 108 Rudraksha malas. Therefore, usually either 108 beads mala is available in most of the places as well as at few places there are 109 Rudraksha beads mala is available. In such cases, go for 109 Rudraksha seeds mala as one extra seed is known as Sumeru. It is also called as Guru bead or lord Shiva himself. However, don't take less than ideal number of seeds that 108 seeds or more than 109 Rudraksha beads. 

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