Friday, 23 November 2012

How Shiva-Linga Was Formed

Siva has been getting worshiped in both anthropomorphic forms as well as in the form of Shivalinga, since ages, which has been depicted in simple column projecting out of the round base. The column basically stands for the male reproductive organ, where as its base represents the female reproductive organ.
Shiva Lingam on whole symbolizes the combination of Purusha as well as the Prakriti, which is also referred as the basis of the manifestation and creations. The columns are basically polished and cylindrical, but it is not necessary that it will be same in all conditions. It has also been observed that the Shiva Lingas, which are irregularly shaped. However, the Shiva Lingas are basically made up of stones. Worshiping Shiva lingas made up of glass or crystal is very common.
The Shiva Lingam of the Amernath temple is one of the most popular forms of lingas that naturally get formed with ice stalagmite in cave. Lingam holds several meaning in the Sanskrit language and linga sarira is one of the most popular meanings of it. In the Sanskrit grammar it has also been used for referring gender. It is also representation if the union of consciousness and energy of the supreme energy or the God. The lingas are either self formed or man-made. Natural formed is referred as Svayambhu or Banalingam. Be Hand crafted or nature delivered a shiv ling is always the best to be worshiped.

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