Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tulsi Mala: Most Scared Mala To Worship Lord Vishnu

Tulsi mala is referred as the most scared mala, as it is made up of the holy plant, Basil or the Tulsi. It is considered as one of the most beautiful thing to wear or possess. The Tulsi mala is also referred as favorite to Lord Vishnu or any of his avatars such as Rama or Krishna. The Buddhists also believes lot in Tulsi mala especially in black tulsi mala.

It has also been believed that the effect of the Tulsi mala can be seen within a shorter time span, once an individual wears it in their wrist or around their neck. It is a perfect element that offers protection from the negative energy as well as any kind of evil power. It also helps in relieving stress.

The Tulsi mala is also perfect for any kind of mantra chanting and it has been believed that it brings peace and harmony in one’s life. Individual from various cultures uses this mala to worship their God. Tulsi mala carries very strong healing properties along with it and helps in improving the concentration level in an individual.

It is also very significant to follow certain path while using this mala to worship god. The devotees of Lord Krishna believe that using Tulsi Mala for worshipping helps an individual to get connected with the God. 

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