Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Green Jade Stone Mala - Supreme Source Of Positive Energy

Jade gemstone is a sign of serenity and purity. It symbolizes wisdom and it connected to heart chakra as it raises nurturing and love. Jade mala is a protective mala that keeps mala wearer from danger and brings lot of harmony. It is considered to appeal friendship and good luck. 

With every gemstone, there are numerous thoughts on what the meaning of jade gemstone is. There are various aspects of jade's powerful properties. Very firstly, jade gemstone secures positive energy and beauty we have in ourself. When we cite to beauty in this sense, we are not only referring to physical beauty, however spiritual and emotional beauty. 

Psychologically Jade mala stabilizes personality and connects the mind with body. Mentally, Jade mala removes bad thoughts and gives peace to mind. Emotionally, Jade mala supports to release peevishness. Spiritually, Jade mala boosts you to be who you actually are. It helps you in identifying yourself as spiritual being. Physically, this mala cleanse your body, filter and heal your body. Wearing Jade gemstone mala is very beneficial for kidneys. 

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