Friday, 23 November 2012

Use Gem StoneMala For Prosperity & Happiness

Most of the astrologers believes that use of beads or mala was basically got originated in 8th century B.C in India. The actual meaning of word mala in Sanskrit is precious garland. In today’s time, mala has been getting used as universal spirituality technology in various religions. It has been observed that the mala helps in enhancing concentration and relieves stress in the life of an individual.
Mala is referred as most scared and personal thing that one can owe and use it for offering prayer to their respective Lord. Selecting a suitable stone can be an exciting journey for an individual, as each type of gemstone holds special properties and features in it. Wearing a mala as a bracelet or necklace helps an individual to do meditation and at the same time it also helps in absorbing the positive vibrations during the practice of meditation and transfers those vibrations in their daily activity. Mala made up of gemstone is also referred as most powerful mala for religious practice.
Gemstone for health, prosperity and longevity and chanting with them in form of mala with mantra chant will be helpful for peaceful, prosperity and happiness in life.

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