Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bioelectrical Properties Of Rudraksha Beads

Human body consists central nervous system, Sympathetic, Autonomous, and Para sympathetic Nervous system and different other Organ systems, together combined they are called as complex Bio Electronic circuit. Blood pumps continually flow from heart to brain and many other organs of body. With the flow of blood, devolution of different impulses takes place. With all these impulses constant movement nerve cells and neurons in the brain produces electrical impulses. This impulses production is known as Bioelectricity. This Bioelectricity flow offers movement of information from brain to different parts of back and body. What we hear, think, feel, perceive, and see all bases on bioelectric current's flow. Bioelectric current's flow appears because of existence of capable differences or various energy levels, which exist in various parts of body. 

Rudraksha beads perform as a stabilizing anchor. While Rudraksha beads are arranged on the heart, they perform to stabilize heartbeat. Just like magnets, Rudraksha beads perform on Dynamic Polarity principle. Heartbeat and blood circulation automatically propel a magnetic section around body and specifically heart part as per, a relative balancing force is exerted on heart to control it in case it begins beating over or below usual rates. This action supports to confirm perfect blood circulation in body and stabilizes heartbeat. 

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