Friday, 30 November 2012

Magnetic Properties Of Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha beads are known to hold healing properties. Rudraksha beads can support to heal numerous illnesses. Rudraksha is also used as a remedy for anxiety, stress, depressions, mood swings, mental instability, less concentration, and impotency etc.

It has been said that majority of diseases is impure blood circulation that is impacted because of block in passage of veins and arteries that contain blood to and through heart to all body parts because of various reasons. These days’ magnets are highly famous because of its healing diseases factor. When magnets come in contact of affected part it expands or opens up just those parts of arteries and veins where the polarity suits due to which entire healing becomes impossible. Hence, Rudraksha beads keeps majority of the properties of magnets, however it also has the capability to moderate its polarity that can be known as Diamagnetism, the capability of any element to gain temporary magnetic property in the attendance of outlandish magnetic part. You can say, it holds dynamic polarity property as an impact of which it gains a polarity, which is completely opposite of inducing magnetic section made by blood circulation and heartbeats therefore opening the passages of veins and arteries better facilitating a better rejuvenation and healing experience as compare to magnets. 

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