Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sphatik Mala - Astrological Substitute Of Diamond

Clear quartz crystal or Sphatik mala is majorly prominent to worship Sri Saraswati Devi and for mantra japa, meditation, or puja. Sphatik beads comprise holy energy in it and also has purifying, uplifting, and healing properties.
It is very essential to wear Sphatik mala while performing or attending puja, japa or homa, as its beads support to retain the holy energy from any spiritual practice. Wearing 54 beads mala is a very good thing as numbers of essential energy centers in brain and body will be stimulated. Sphatik beads avoid person's energy from draining in earth, and boost person's energy to boost up side towards sahasrara chakra. Sphatik beads stimulate person's intelligence and cleans mind. Person's speech becomes kind and sweet from wearing Sphatik mala. Sphatik is nothing but a transparent stone, having smoothness, grace, and lustre.
Astrologically it is used as an alternative of diamond to appeal Venus planet. Sphatik Shri Yantra is utilized to get prosperity and success in life. Sphatik mala is highly used for meditation. Also it is used for healing. Often worshipping sphatik idols bring happiness, prosperity, and good luck. Sphatik mala releases a strong energy from itself and are frequently used to keep count while chanting mantras.i.e during chanting mantras, and meditation. 


  1. can sphatik mala be worn by girls for the entire day?

    1. Namasthe! 100% sphatika mala can be worn by everyone and at all 24 hours and there is no restriction for wearing the same. The energy levels of sphatika mala are so High that more you wear more the effect will be, If you may need a Mala you can contact seva@srie.in


  2. can sphatik mala be worn by girls for the entire day?