Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Shiva Linga – Sign Of Rising Energy Of Life

Shiva Linga signifies the rising energy of life and consciousness in nature. In our day-to-day life, we experience this in such forms as thunder cloud, mountain, tree and upright human being. Numerous Lingas such as Kedarnath – the most essential Shiva site in Himalayas – are stones in small mountains shape. Many other Lingas are connected to light, Lingas of Sun, Fire, and Moon. There are 12 popular Jyotirlingas or energy forms of Shiva at 12 special temples around India.

Tamil Nadu state of India has exclusive Shiva Linga forms for 5 elements with lingas of water, air, fire, earth and other religious temples in the state. Each and every element has its determinative force or Shiva Linga. Other Shiva Lingas are connected to crystal or gold. Shiva Linga is frequently described in sense of light, transparency or crystal. Shiva is renowned as a pure and divine light in its original identical state, Praksha Mantra.

Shiva Linga is linked to the upward directed triangle that is also the sign of fire. The worship of Linga is associated more to worship of obelisks, pillars, pyramids, and standing stones. Tantric Linga worship is associated to Vedic pillar worship that has parallels around the ancient world and in native cultures in general who can remain perceive the auspicious powers behind the origin of nature. Shiva Linga is frequently known as pillar of light. The fire can be made to rise in the pillar shape that can also then take the shape of man.  

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