Friday, 21 December 2012

Importance Of Tulsi In Hindu Religion

All the things of Tulsi plant, flowers, leaves, twigs, fruits, skin and roots and also soil surrounded the plant is divine. It is common ritual that people place Tulsi leaves on dead body to make permanent place in Visnuloka. People believe that Tulsi placed on dead body removes all the sins of dead person. At the time of death if one thinks of God and mumbles his name and burn the dead body with Tulsi twings then dead person would not have rebirth. Even the person who has done many sins would get moksha if at the cremating time Tulsi leave is placed at the bottom of funeral fire. Just like water become wholesome pure by merger with Ganga water, all firewood is made clean by addition of tiny piece of Tulsi leave.

In case using Tulsi leaves along fires dead body of person, one’s sins for many kalpa years would be removed. It is believed that if dead body is fired along with Tulsi leaves then even Yamadutas cannot come close to body, Vishnu protects the body through his servants. In case light is burnt for Vishnu along with Tulsi stick then it would be equivalent to burning lot many lights for Vishnu. In case one makes Tulsi leaves in paste and slurs it one’s body and then praises Vishnu for 1 day, one will be getting the advantage of 100 usual worships and also advantages of doing 100 go-danas. 

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