Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tuesday Fast And Its Importance

Tuesday’s fast (vrat) is known to raise strength, efforts, courage and honor. Spiritual beings who keeps this fast gets augmentation in wealth and happiness. Following this ‘vrat’ also gives job in Government office. People do Tuesday fast to get child and honor. Hearing Tuesday fast’s story fulfills favorable desires. Following Tuesday’s fast clears all the sins.

Who must follow Tuesday Fast?
According to astrology, Tuesday fast should be followed by those people who have Mars in their sin house or Mars is not offering good effects because it is weak. Tuesday fast is practiced for peace in Mars planet. People who have fiery and violent attitude must see the Tuesday fast to relax their anger. Boys should keep this fast to grow their strength and intelligence. This ‘vrat’ supports in making business fruitful.

Importance Of Tuesday Fasting –
Each and every fast holds various results and importance. By doing fast, an individual pleases his or her adored Goddess and God. In return, he or she gets happiness and peace. People can do this fast to get husband, wealth, relief from eternal disorder. The fast supports to get deliverance from illusions of world.

An individual must observe this fast; in case Mars placed on birth then Lagan has weak positioning. Also a person who’s Kundali has Mars Mahadasha they he or she faces unwanted accidents or Pratayantar Dasha in transit period, must follow this fast for favorable effects of Mars. 

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