Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sphatik Bracelet – Energy Enhancer

It is a transparent and white shiny stone that is also called as Quartz. As per Astrology, Sphatik is relevant to Venus. It is an alternative of Diamond. Quartz gems are famous in gem therapists because they generate electrochemical balance inside body and clear anxiety, and make person calm and help in concentrating. Wearing Sphatik confirms an undisturbed and sound sleep. When you wear crystal, your mind becomes quiet and pacified. Person who wears Sphatik becomes close to Lord Shiva.

Crystal or Sphatik is powerful stone. Sphatik increases energy by storing, absorbing, focusing, balancing, amplifying and shifting. Sphatik is a transparent stone of clarity that dispels bad powers and cleanses away harmful energy. It can be utilized to clarify and purify on mental, physical, and spiritual planes. It is also a harmony stone because it maintains energies, and is also supportive in romantic relations. It is utilized for security because it pawns black magic and secures from adverse energy. It is an amazing all-purpose healer. It increases healing energy and is utilized to perform analytic healing.
  • Sphatik raises coolness, concentration and relaxes mind.
  • Wearing Sphatik pendant confirms undisturbed and sound sleep.
  • It is useful not just from physical point of view however also for people who do logical job and have interest in auspicious activities.
  • Sphatik bracelet also supports to relieve stress, headaches, and increases intuition, and promotes healing. 

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