Monday, 17 December 2012

Crystal Shivling – Environment Purifier

Crystal Shivling is itself a powerful field of energy and light that can be utilized as sonic protections opposite negativity. The property exists in all crystal sizes containing small ones that we carry or wear. The passage of ions by the molecular structure makes them a worthy aid in neutralizing and clearing conditions in aura of people of all ages. It could be utilized to cleanse the environment of huge areas – our places or homes of work, also. It can become our own healer of body also transformer and tranquilizer for spirit. It supports our intuitive insight, to check the light in darkness. When placed body, the crystal quartz decry sterilizes knots that block energy flow.

Crystal Shivling harmonize environment around us and clear the bad energy, so when we place Crystal Shivling, on our office or home, the place is cleansed by power of Sphatik and blessings of Shiva attained. It is proved and evident that those who place this Shivling in their office or home replace all bad energies with unrestricted profusion and good power. One must touch and see this Shivling daily in morning and you will see the impact of Yantra from very 1st day.

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