Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Crystal Lingam – Brings Unity And Love

Crystal Lingam is a sign of love. This gemstone opens our way towards factual love that brings unity. The real love relation is a relation with our own being. When we have love we experience God. It is important to be in peace and love with oneself so that one can be capable to love other people without fear. The emotions of one’s own dignity, self-respect, and esteem open the probability to feeling selfless love towards other people.

Crystal Lingam is made of transparent Sphatik. It possesses a soft and smooth glow. Crystal Linga is gathered from banks of Narmada River in India. This river is known as very special and one of the very strong healing streams of our planet. Crystal Lingam in the old Sanskrit language means a symbol. This Lingam is known to be a religious sign of Lord Shiva. According to legend Crystal Lingam has come from meteorite, which collided with Earth before millions of years. This Lingam brings lot of positivity. 

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