Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Inspiration thru Spatik

Spatikam is a source of inspiration. Spatika Mala is worn for many multiple purposes. Used as a chanting mala, wearing, removal of negative energy and much more.

Spadikam which is a quartz crystal hold the exclusive quality of chillness. It has a natural cool that makes them very special.  The cool effect of them can be felt physically when we hold them. Holding the beads or espadik for long time makes them warm as they absorb heat. So this makes to understand that it also absorb the negative energy. When the spaikam is washed in water or kept aside for sometime it cleanses by itself and get back to the normal state of cold.
This means that the spatik takes out the negative energy, cleans them and keep a positive vibration. No wonder it is used for spiritual purposes.  Spatika Mala, shiv ling in spatik,  spadika ganesh, are used by people and kept in pooja will help for many good purposes for generating a positive energy around. Spiritual Healers and Crystal healers use spatik in the form of wands, spatik egg, for purification and energy charging. Every one have their own purpose but what is used is spatik where it plays a inspiring role by taking out the negatives and giving place to positive vibes.

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