Thursday, 10 January 2013

Powerfilled Sphatika Mala

Powerfilled Sphatika Mala
Spatika mala has the innate power to energize the mind to swerve towards spiritual path. The gems cool the body and bring calmness to the mind which is essential to cause a communion with the spirit of the supernatural.
The gems inherent structure and its inborn power to influence a person rolling the beads between the fingers or wearing around the neck has always been a source of wonder. He is overpowered with a strange feeling and finds himself one with the supernatural.
Due to its positive effect the wearer or the roller is impelled to work in consonance with accepted civilized behavior. It is found that the positive effect of the mala is felt by persons in close proximity of the wearer. The beads have the divine energy to stimulate good health, lift a person from mundane to the spiritual world.
A 108 bead mala is said to be most suitable for it stimulates the essential energy spots to the benefit of the wearer.  Because of its positive stimulative powers it energizes the mind to do act and behave positively.

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