Saturday, 19 January 2013

Kinds of Ling

Kinds of lingam
Lingam worship is common feature throughout the land as a mark of cosmic power.

The lingam is generally made of rock stone, white or black marble. Legend has that that Lord Shiva observed that he is found in tvelve places and in twelve forms signifying that he is the supernatural. He is often taken as more powerful tan Brahma himself, the creator.

These are the twelve great lingams, viz. at Scannath, Pattan, Mallikarjuna, near the Krishna, Malta Kala Omkara, all three at Ujjain ; Amareswara, Vaidhya, at Deo-garh in Bengal, liamisseram, at Dra Charam in Rajamundry, at Benares, on the banks of the Gumti, at Kedarnath in the Himalaya. The one at Benares is known as Vishveshwar, Lord of All.  

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