Saturday, 19 January 2013


Lingam essentially represents the Shivlingam, of Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity.  
There is a lot of debate over the centuries what after all lingam represents: phallus or the representative feature of spiritual propensity of the Hindus. Today the lingam is worshipped as an object of cosmic (divine) energy rather than creative energy or a sexual symbol.
Lingam is loosely taken as a mark or symbol.  According to ancient vedic literature Lingam has no smell, taste or color and generally perceived as the nature itself. Lingam is likened to an cosmic egg representing the cosmic energy signifying the union of male and female powers.
Lingam is the sum total of Truth, Knowledge and infinity – सत्य, ज्ञान and अनन्त. The lingam has three parts: ब्रह्म पित, विष्णु पित and शिव पित.   

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