Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tulasi bead mala

Tulasi bead mala
Tulasi plant is known for its medicinal values for centuries. Perhaps no Hindu home will be bereft of a plant or its leaves for everyday consecration.

Tulasi has some other powers too which very few are aware. It keeps the body under controlled temperature. Wearing the mala embellished with Tulasi beads enables to purify the atma or the soul . Sporting the mala around the neck and using the rosary while chanting the Maha mantra (Hare Krishna mantra) allows the chanter to successfully cause a communion with the Lord.

 It is commonly believed that chanting the Lord’s name using this rosary pleases both Lord Vishnu and Lord Rama. It purifies the inner consciousness and removes all obstacles for complete Atma shuddhi or self purification. A certain variety of Tulasi (white) has the divine power to control seasonal colds.  

It is recommended that all those who wish to maintain good health, ward of seasonal diseases and inclined to have  self purification must wear this mala.    

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