Friday, 14 September 2012

Uses, Rituals & Maintenance Of Gomed Gemstone

Gomed is also termed as hessonite gemstone, which is the suggested gemstone by most of the crystal experts to reduce the bad effect of planet rahu. It is also very beneficial in curing numerous health issues and mental stress. It is the best gemstone to get over the trouble of a strained relationship.

Uses of Gomed:
Gomed is not considered as gemstone related to zodiac sing, any individual going through a bad phase in their life due to the effect of rahu can wear it. It is one of the most favorable gemstone for all those individual who belongs from the field of politics. Hessonite carries various properties that help in curing problems such as skin disorder, sore throat, cold, gall bladder stone, insomnia and many other diseases. It acts as a boon for those individuals who lives a very stressful life or is going through a rough phase in their relationship.

Rituals before wearing Gomed:
One can wear this gemstone in any gold or silver jewelry of a weight 480 gm. (3 Ratti). Before wearing this gemstone one should do the purification procedure to enhance the energy of it by washing it with plain water and milk. It should be wore in the middle finger of the dominant hand after chanting mantra “Om Ram Rahuve Namah Om”.

Maintenance of Gomed:
It is very important to keep a proper care of the gemstone to keep its energy active that can be achieved it by washing it with water and milk and later polishing it with soft cloth on a regular basis.

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