Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rudraksha: A Sacred Gift From Lord Shiva

Rudraksha is considered as a gift from Lord Shiva, as it has believed that this bead has irrupted from the tears of Lord Shiva for the betterment of mankind. There are lots of benefits of these Rudraksha beads that are present in various forms (mukhi’s). It is very helpful in enhancement or empowerment of an individual who wears this auspicious beads on a regular basis and do worship this Rudraksha beads.

The Rudraksha carries the electromagnetic effects along with it that act as healing element and improve the mental stamina and concentration of an individual. It also carries various properties that heal many health disorders such as blood pressure, hypertension, and many other disorders. It is perfect element for Spiritual or Meditation purposes.

Rudraksha beads also hold stronger grip in the Ayurveda medicine and is getting used in numerous Ayurveda medicines to heal physical health of an individual.

The best part of Rudraksha is that it does not carry any side effect along with it. However, to get best and maximum result of this wonderful and powerful bead one needs to wear the correct form of Rudraksha as per his requirement. Mala made up of Rudraksha beads are also considered as very auspicious and scared for worshipping Lord Shiva and to do the mantra chanting. 

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