Friday, 14 September 2012

Origin and Significance Of Banalinga Stone

About Banalinga:
In Hindu tradition, Banalinga is considered as a most auspicious gemstone that usually founds at the riverbed of Narmada. It has believed by many of the Smarth and Shaivaites Brahmins that it is a “self existence sign of God” as it has been found naturally in smooth cylindrical shape and cannot be carved by men. The Banalinga is getting worship since ages due to such of its attributes.

Significance of Banalinga:
Banalinga is a stone that has been found at the Narmada bed in the form of pebble and the importance of this pebble increases as it has been believed that the river Narmada was sprung from the Lord Shiva’s body itself. It is said that the pebbles at this bed has an emblem of Lord Shiva on it and makes it scared and auspicious. Since the ages of Ramayana and Mahabharata, this an iconic stone is getting worshiped by Hindu people to attract good lucks and fortunes.
Banalinga is also termed as an Avyakta, which brings lots of happiness along with it. You can also bring this auspicious stone at your home to enhance positive energy and happiness and at the same time and keeps negative energy and evil power away from you as well as from your family.

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