Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ancient Healing Therapy With Rudraksha Beads

It’s a very common belief that the Rudraksha beads are a gift from Lord Shiva, to the human being for their betterment. Rudraksha bead carries various healing and medicinal properties and offers protection against various health disorders.

Healing through Rudraksha beads:
Many scientific studies have proven that the Rudraksha has numerous benefits for health disorders. Other than curing health disorders it has also been proved that it acts as an anti-aging element. One can cure disorders such as anxiety, stress, depression, mood swing, lack of concentration, impotency, and unstable state of mind with the help of Rudraksha. In Ayurveda, it has been getting used in curing diseases such as, blood pressure, boils, jaundice etc. Many researches have also stated that the healing property differs from various kinds of Rudraksha beads depending on their faces or mukhis.

Its very true that many diseases occur due to improper and impure blood circulation in the body through various veins and arteries. The magnetic element of Rudraksha beads in the presence of external electric elements heals the affected area by opening the arteries and veins and leads to pure and sufficient blood flow in various organ of our body. An individual can use various form of Rudraksha beads to heal various health disorders in very natural way.

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  1. Nice post
    Rudraksha is used to cure diseases in ancient time by doing rudraksha science therapy which is not popular in those day .