Friday, 28 September 2012

Benefits Of Banalinga

Banalinga is the most auspicious and scared divine symbol. Banalinga cannot be found anywhere else other that the scared river Narmada, that is why it is also commonly referred as Narmada Banalinga. It is very much popular across the globe. It has been believed that the natural Banalinga is a self-manifest representation of the Lord Shiva.

Banalinga has various benefits. Many of devotes of lord Shiva says that benefits of worshipping Banalinga is equal to worshipping a crore of any other Shivalinga. It has been believed that just thinking or visualizing Banalinga early in the morning enhances the life of an individual and blesses them with lots of success and prosperity in their life. It has been said by number of devotes that view of Narmada Banalinga washes all curse and sins of an individual.

Banalinga helps in maintaining the balance between the lower and higher self-consciousness of an individual to know the actual inner strength of ourselves. It heals as well as stimulates all chakras of our body to resolve various physical and mental issues. It also helps in stimulating our energy center that brings wellbeing and peace in an individual. Banalinga is considered as a best-scared symbol for meditation as well as maintain peace and harmony in our surrounding.
An individual can carry or wear a small Banalinga along with them to stay protected from negative energies and to gain blessing of the divine power.

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