Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Facts Of Tulsi Mala

Tulsi is the most scared plant that has been getting worshiped by most of the Hindu since ancient times. The literal meaning of Tulsi is “the incomparable one”. The mala made from the Tulsi plant carries very spiritual values that have been getting used for the mantra chanting or to worship Lord Vishnu.

The Tulsi mala carries incredible energy and properties for healing various physical and mental disorders. It also helps an individual to enhance their concentration power while meditating. The Mala made up from Tulsi contains 108 beads of Tulsi and one additional bead of any other metal or a bead of Tulsi itself, bigger in size.

The Tulsi Mala worn around the neck or as a bracelet can help an individual to cure various health problems. It also helps in releasing stress or tension from an individual. The touch of this Tulsi mala itself rejuvenates an individual and helps him to connect with to their inner-self and enhances the spiritual power in them. It has also been observed that wearing this mala with lots of faith and believe brings good fortune and propriety to the individual. It also carries an element that helps in maintaining balance in between vata and kaphadosha. It has believed that worshiping Lord Vishnu or his different incarnation by using this mala helps in getting his blessing easily as they have been considered as a beloved and creator of Tulsi.

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