Thursday, 27 September 2012

Spiritual And Scientific Reason Of Ganesha Visharjan

The last ritual that is performed at the end of Ganesha Chaturthi festival is the Ganesha Visharjan or Ganesha Immersion. In this ritual, devotees get the Ganesh idol to the nearest river of seacoast for its immersion in water. As per the belief, it has been said the deity goes back to their home after giving blessing to all their devotees.

However, the other version of the story says that, during this festival the idol of the Lord Ganesha has been made from the soil of the nearest rivers, ponds and tanks for the purpose of fresh water restoration in that by digging out the clay or soil from it. They use that soil for idol making of the deity and after worshipping the idol during the festival immerse at the same place. The various herbal elements used while worshiping the idol such as turmeric and many other herbal materials has also been immersed in the water, which acts as a helping agent for the sea living such as fish or tortoise to grow.

Ganesha festival is not celebrated as spiritual or Hindu ritual it also serves the cause of environmental protection.

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