Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bring Fortune & Good Luck With Tulsi Mala

Tulsi plant has its own significance in Hindu tradition. Mala made up of Tulsi beads is considered as very sacred and auspicious. It consists of 108 beads of Tulsi wood in a string and one additional or 109th bead referred as Sumeru bead. Sumeru can be a Tulsi bead or of any other crystal or metal. To do a jaap or mantra chanting one can use this Tulsi mala to increase their concentration starting from adjacent bead of Sumeru and ending after completing after complete one round of 108 beads. It has been believed that while repeating the mantra chanting one should go in reverse direction instead of crossing Sumeru bead.

The Tulsi mala is available in different colors such as brown, black as well as sandalwood color, depending on the type of Tulsi plant. Many people also wear this mala around their neck or in their wrist, as it is said that it brings good luck as well as fortune to them. The plant of Tulsi carries various healing properties for various health disorders. Just a touch of this auspicious plant helps an individual to get rid of any kind of stress and connects their inner self with the divine power. The Tulsi mala has been getting used to worship various incarnations of the Lord Vishnu.

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