Friday, 21 September 2012

Significance Of Sphatik Ganesha

Sphatik is nothing but an idol made up from the Quartz crystals. It is considered as a gift offered by the earth to the mankind as a good conductor of the positive energy. The main purpose of Sphatik is to enhance and strengthen the positive energy in us and removes the anger and fear from our surroundings. 

Sphatik Ganesha is an idol made from the auspicious and scared crystal. It is a most beautiful handcrafted idol of Ganesha that weights around 17 to 20 grams. Lord Ganesha is considered as a deity of salvation and wisdom. It has been getting worshiped as the deity that brings success and luck along with it. The believer of Ganesha, consider him as a power that removes all sorrows, negative energy and obstacles from their life.

The Sphatik Ganesha idol also helps in reducing stress, negative energy and carries a healing ability, positive energy and power to destroy all negative vibration from its our surrounding. The crystal idol emits electromagnetic waves from it that is very beneficial for the physical and mental healing of individuals. It will be a good option to bring Sphatik Ganesha idol in this Ganpati festival for good luck, prosperity and wisdom at your home and office.

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