Thursday, 13 September 2012

Crystal Shivling Provides Protection Against Evil Spirit

The Shivling made up of pure crystal carries lots of power along with it. Many of the sadhaks and tantric who believes in Lord Shiva and worship mahakali, mahakaal or bhairav belief it as a most powerful and auspicious Shivling. They energies the crystal made Shivling with their deity mantras and chanting. They believe that the energized crystal Shivling protects them from negative, dark or black energies and keep them away from evil or bad spirits. Many people take help from such tantriks to remove the effect of black magic or evil power; in such cases they heal with the help of crystal Shivling and provide them protection against bad or evil spirit. This crystal Shivling is also used for enhancing wealth, money and prosperity in one’s life. The energized crystal Shivling also helps an individual to stay protected from any health issues.

It has also been believed that if this Shivling is placed in a study-room of children then it gives them lots of success in their studies if they do worship this statue with lots of trust and faith on a daily basis. It also helps in enhancing concentration power of an individual, if one look at this crystal statue daily for 10 minutes with full concentration. This is a very precious statue that needs lot of care to be taken for its proper functioning. 

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