Monday, 17 September 2012

Purpose Of Tulsi Mala

There are various forms of mala that has been getting used for spiritual cum meditative purpose since ages. Tulsi mala is also one such mala, which is considered as the most scared and auspicious for prayer purpose by many people. Tulsi mala usually consists of 108 Tulsi beads and one additional bead called as Sumeru. Center Bead can be of either Tulsi or any other beads.

Purpose of using Tulsi Mala:
Meditation is one of the most difficult things to do in as our mind keeps on running here and there, due to this the much required peace and concentration lacks during meditation. It has been noticed that if energy flow during the meditation is low it normally leads to falling asleep whereas if the energy is too high it keeps on distracting us. This causes hurdles during the time of meditation. In such case the most scared Tulsi mala helps in keeping a proper balance of our energy flow. The beads of the mala needs to be moved with every mantra chanting from the very first bead in the mala after sumeru till the 108th bead before sumeru bead. Its very important that while repeating the mantra chanting never cross of jump the Guru bead, instead you can go back in the reverse direction with every mantra chant.

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