Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Gain Health & Prosperity With Jade Mala

It has been believed that the use of mala for prayer started in the 8th century B.C in India. Today there are number of malas made of different beads are getting used for the same purpose.

The use of mala helps an individual to enhances their concentration power, releases stress and helps an individual to develop the spiritual power inn them. The benefits of mala made up different beads carries different beneficial properties. These mala works as a healing agent if worn as a necklace or a bracelet. It also improvises the meditation power of an individual by absorbing the vibration that arises during the period of meditation and transforms those vibrations into positive energy in your daily routine for your benefits.
Mala made up from Jade gemstone is considered as the most powerful that is very nice for health, prosperity and longevity. It is very good for developing peace and nurtures the life of an individual. You can chant the mantra “Har Haray Hari” with the help of this mala to enhance your health and prosperity.
To get the maximum effect with the mala made up of Jade gemstone, sit while crossing your legs and both your hands resting on the respective side’s knees. Hold the mala in any of your hand and start chanting the mantra once with every bead of Jade stone and reach till the last or the Guru bead. It has been recommended not to cross the Guru bead while repeating the mala start from the last bead of Jade stone and reach to the first. Practicing this ritual on a regular basis will help you to achieve prosperity and health in your life.

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