Monday, 17 September 2012

Birthstone of Individual Born In September – Lapis Luzuli

Lapis Luzuli gemstone is considered as the most powerful crystal that exists in blue color. It is one of the most powerful gemstone that helps us to stimulate pineal gland and brings the vibration of enlightenment and truth in our life. The purity of this gemstone depends on the color and deeper blue color represents more power.

Lapis lazuli gemstone helps an individual to keep calm and keeps the negative energy and anger away from the wearer.

It is the most beautiful crystal that attracts many of us. However, it is very important to keep few things in mind before wearing this gemstone to get a positive effect of this crystal and to attract positive energy in your body through this most powerful gemstone.

This gemstone is easily available at all crystal shops that you can use in any form of jewelry, but it is very important to consult any crystal expert to know the correct weight of this gemstone as per your requirement. You can also wear thing gemstone for a shorter time period to know how it reacts with your energy. It is considered as the birthstone of individual born in the month of September, October as well as December. Lapis Lazuli carries healing element for both mental and physical disorder of the wearer and brings lots of success and good fortune along with it.

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