Monday, 24 September 2012

Bring Sphatik Ganesha For Peace & Prosperity

Ganesha is considered as a one of the supreme powers of the universe. There are thousands of devotes who have a huge faith in Lord Ganesha and worship him on a regular basis. Lord Ganesha is believed as a remover of obstacles and negative energy. It has been believed that worshiping Sphatik Ganesha at home or business gets loads of success and good fortune.

Crystal Ganesha is a handcrafted idol of the deity by carving crystal. The Sphatika Ganesha carries property to absorb light from the surrounding and reflects or emits colors of rainbow that signifies the energy of radiant white energy. It is a good conductor of energy and acts as both emitter as well as receiver. This crystal idol acts as a protecting agent from negative or the evil energy.

Spatik Ganesha is considered as very auspicious and scared due to its highly beneficial qualities. It has been believed that placement of this crystal idol at home or on office desk brings prosperity and peace along with it by removing all negative energies from the surrounding. To get the maximum benefits from the Sphatik Ganesha, you can worship by chanting the mantra “Om Gang Ganpatye Namah”. 

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